robyn Tower consulting's
rules to Live by

        1.     Don’t put all my eggs in one basket (or two).

2.     I only work for causes in which I believe.

3.     I support those causes personally.

4.     The client’s problems are my problems, but my problems are not the client’s.

5.     When it comes to organizational dramas, I am Switzerland.

6.     I believe in lifting people up, and doing so gives me great joy.

7.     I only bill for hours worked on behalf of clients.

8.     Understanding that most clients are nonprofits, my rates are affordable; however, I am serious about getting paid.

9.     I keep my promises; I will never let my clients down.

10.  I think fundraising on behalf of worthy causes is a noble pursuit.  It’s not about tricking someone out of money, but giving them the opportunity to invest in something important.