Devoted to My Clients

One thing I have learned in my life as a fundraising consultant/service provider is that I don't have a gear other than "devoted."  I am never going to be the kind of consultant who flies in, gives advice, and then dumps all the work on the staff.  I am right there with my clients, sharing the work and the dedication to their goals. 

Of course it helps to have GREAT clients.  Check out the links to their web pages and you'll see it's easy to be devoted to wonderful clients like these:

GIRL SCOUTS, WESTERN OKLAHOMA, which brings the preeminent leadership development organization for girls into 39 Oklahoma counties, including Oklahoma County.

FRIENDS FOR FOLKS, an organization that pairs "unadoptable" dogs with inmates in the Oklahoma Correctional system.  The result is dogs so well trained they can serve special clients including the elderly, veterans with PTSD, and individuals dealing with mental health issues.

OKLAHOMA CITY UNIVERSITY, a top liberal arts & sciences university in the heart of Oklahoma City.

OKLAHOMA CONTEMPORARY, an awesome arts programming organization on the move from its longtime home at the State Fairgrounds to an arts campus in Midtown.

WORLD NEIGHBORS, an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit working in rural, impoverished communities in 13 countries on four continents. World Neighbors focuses on training and educating communities to find lasting solutions to the challenges they face.